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Diamond Dust Nails $50 Starts From
Gold Leaf Nails Art $40 Starts From
Aromatherapy Foot Soak $30 Starts From
Paraffin Waxing $25 Starts From
Mermaid Nails Art $25 Starts From
Eyelash Extensions $80 Starts From
Cucumber Eye Treatment $30 Starts From
Kids Gel Polish $30 Starts From
Kids Nails Art $5 Starts From
Eyelash Extensions - Classic $90 Starts From
Sparkle Gel Nail Polish $35 Starts From
Lash Lift and Tint $60 Starts From
Luxury Hand and Arm Massage $35 Starts From
Ombre Acrylic Nails $60 Starts From
Nail Strengthening Treatment $30 Starts From
Nail Art Masterclass - Limited $100 Starts From
Custom Nail Art $30 Starts From
Luxury Hand Spa $55 Starts From
Signature Pedicure $75 Starts From
Signature Manicure $60 Starts From
Acrylics Fill $50 Starts From
Remove Acrylic $15 Starts From
Remove - Gel $10 Starts From
Men Basic Mani $40 Starts From
Waxing - Full Arm $80 Starts From
Waxing - Bikini $65 Starts From
Gel X - Fill $60 Starts From
Change Color Only $35 Starts From
Japanese Manicure $55 Starts From
Gel Polish Removal $20 Starts From
Collagen Eye Treatment $35 Starts From
Mermaid Lash Extensions $90 Starts From
Gel Nail Overlay $90 Starts From
Marble Nail Art $40 Starts From
Faux Mink Lash Extensions $70 Starts From
Hot Stone Massage $20 Starts From
4 Services
Dip + Tip $65
Fill $65
Gel set $70
Dip powder $55
Border set
3 Services
Fill $55
Ovely $70
Full set $75
5 Services
Fill $50
Overly $60
Fullset + tip $60
Pink + white Overly $65
Pink + white + tips $75
Manicure / Pedicure
5 Services
Regular Manicure $40
Gel Manicure $50
Gel Pedicure $65
Regular Pedicure $45
Coffee Pedicue $85
Organic service
4 Services
Jelly Pedicure $85
Organic Mani $60
Deluxe Pedi $75
Organic Pedi $65
Add - on
13 Services
Chrome $10
French Tips $5
Ombre $15
Gel $15
Callus remove $15
Paraffin $15
Chrome Ombre $15
Nail Art $5
Extra Massage 10 m $15
Regular Mani $20
Regular Pedi $20
Gel Mani Kids $35
Gel Pedi Kids $35
Age 1-6
3 Services
Kids Manicure (1-6 years) $50
Kids Pedicure (1-6 years) $60
Combination $60
Age 7-12
4 Services
Kids Pedicure (7-12 years) $25
Kids Manicure (7-12 years) $20
Combination $40
Add-on Gel $40
Eyelash extensions
2 Services
full $220
fill $150
Kiss it
2 Services
Full $170
Fill $120
9 Services
Waxing Eyebrow $25
Waxing - Upper Lips $15
Waxing - Chin $20
Waxing - Leg Half $60
Waxing - Full Leg $80
Waxing - Arm Half $70
Brazilian $60
Full face $65
Full face $30
2 Services
Full $120
Fill $75
Nails4U Salon

About Nails4U Salon


Premium Nail Salon in Danville CA - Your One Stop Solution

Nails4U Salon - As the top-listed nail salon in Danville, CA, we redefine the salon experience by setting premium standards for excellence and luxury. As the best nail salon in town, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional nail, beauty, and spa services. Get beautiful nails and relaxing spa treatments from our skilled team, all designed to help you feel your best!

Nails4U Salon


Years of Experience



Natural Products



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Specialists Team

Nail Care Services


Discover Premium Nail Care Services at Danville's Top Nail Salon

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Nails4U Salon

Best Nail Salontitle_right

5 Years of Experience as Top Nail Salon in Danville, CA,

NailS4U Salon always puts your comfort and safety first. We make every effort to provide a hygienic and comfortable environment for the duration of your visit because we are aware of our client's needs. We guarantee:



With over 5 year of experience in the nail care industry of danville ca, our skilled technicians bring expertise to every appointment, ensuring satisfying results that exceed expectations.


Hygiene and Safety

We prioritize the cleanliness and safety of our clients by adhering to proper sanitization protocols and using high-quality, sterilized tools and products. Your well-being is our utmost concern, and we go above and beyond to maintain a hygienic environment for your peace of mind.

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Premium Quality

We never compromise on the quality of our products. You can trust us to deliver exceptional results that showcase the highest standards of care.

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Nails4U Salon

Providing All Beauty Care Services


Nails4U Salon - One Stop to Beauty & Nail Salon in Danville, CA

Nails4U Salon
Nails4U Salon
Nails4U Salon

Why Choose Nails4U Salon


Top Reasons to Choose Our Nail Salon in Danville, CA


Expert in Skin Care

At Nails4U Salon, we offer personalized skincare solutions to enhance your natural beauty.


Optimal Tools:

We use top-notch tools for your best beauty experience. Trust our experts to deliver outstanding treatments


Personalized Support:

We are committed to giving you extra assistance to make the most of your time peacefully. Count on us for a relaxing stay, every time.

Refined Beauty and Nail Care


Get Your Nail Care, Affordably

Nails4U Salon
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We Specialize in Bringing Out Your Inherent Beauty!

Experience Our Premium Beauty Services in Danville CA

Enter our furnished salon, where every element has been thoughtfully chosen to provide you with a peaceful retreat. You can revitalize as soon as you walk in because of the friendly atmosphere that surrounds you. We create a tranquil experience for you. Our goal is your well-being, and we keep the cleanest practices to guarantee that your safety and health are protected during your stay.

Gold Lead Nail Art

Trust Our Skills, for Nails That Grabs Attention

$40.00 Book Now

Kids Mani

Giggles, glam, and gorgeous nails for little ones!

$15.00 Book Now

Cocumber Eye Treatment

Refresh tired eyes with our cocumner eye treatment

$30.00 Book Now

Aromatherapy Foot Soak

Rejuvenate Your Soul , Rediscover Your Radiance

$30.00 Book Now
Nails4U Salon
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